All images copyright Gothamfotografia. All rights reserved.

All images copyright Gothamfotografia. All rights reserved.


I grew up on construction sites with my father who was a bricklayer. I fell in love with the process of creating something out of nothing. Soon after, I found my own creative voice through studies in Fine Arts, and dedicated many years in drawing and creative composition. Today, I have worked over a decade as creative manager with companies and photography studios in New York City.

My relationship with photography started in 2009. Initially I focused on architecture, exploring how to portrait thoughts and feelings while working with space, matter and colors. I have worked with creations by New York Institute of Technology, Zaha Hadid and others. I found a correlation between architecture and dance, in the use of shapes and spaces. This led me to photograph dance in a variety of settings and I am honored to have worked with projects of Ashley Bouder, Martha Graham, Belinda McGuire Dance and others.

I also engage in fashion, portrait and event photography, exploring the instant of human emotion to depict in the most exceptional way. 

My years in photography taught me to always be prepared and ready for the moment that will pass and never come again. I am an ardent believer in exhaustive self-preparation and in close communication with the client. My multidisciplinary background allows me a clear and unique vision of creative composition, which I hope you will enjoy.


Photography Career Works

Martha Graham

Falcon Dance

Yin Yue Dance

Joshua Beamish

Offset Dance Festival 2019

Excognito 2017

Excognito 2016

Voice of Kathak at Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater

Conversation & Rebirth: Martha Graham Dance Company; Peiju Chien Pott

Complexions Dance

Gallim Dance

Batsheva Dance Company/ The Young Ensemble

Ashley Bouder Project

MOVE THE COMPANY/ Joshua Beamish

Glia Symposium NYC 2018

Stereotomy 2.0 at Par excellence featuring Lapella design chair by AKT II & Zaha Hadid

Stereotomy 2.0 at NYIT

Tango Intoxication by Batt Johnson cover art

Feldenkrais Institute New York

New York Fashion Week 2015

New York Fashion Week 2016

Puerto Rico Tango Marathon

Buffalo Tango Marathon

Cleveland Tango Marathon

Yale Tango Festival


El Destino

Video Career Works

Bailongo Montreal 2018:

Pablo Veron & Cecilia Capella

Aoniken Quiroga & Noelia Barsi

Pablo Pugliese & Noel Strazza

Dialogos : Peiju Chien Pott

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Cleveland Tango School

Yin Yue Dance

Tymoteusz Ley 7 Agnieszka Stach

Sergio Martin & Juan David Bedoya

Sebastian Jimenez & Juana Gomes

Daniela Roig & Hernan Prieto

Eugenia Parrilla & Yanick Wyler

Arturo Gaskins

Tango Element Baltimore 2017

Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda

Javier Rodriguez & Moira Castellano

Ruben & Sabrina Veliz

Ricardo Biggeri & Cecilia Piccinni

Carla Marano & Moira Castellano

Christian Marquez & Virginia Gomez (Los Totis)

Dana Frigoli & Adrian Ferreyra

Claudio Gonzalez & Julio Hiriart Urruty + Lili Perna

Los Reyes Del Tango

Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Berra

Martin Maldonaldo & Maurizio Ghella

Alex Krebs & Rebecca Schulman