Ruins Photoshoot

Photoshoot in building ruins.

This shoot will take all day- 8a-7p.

  • In the ruins Drone photo is possible for overhead angle

  • Smoke bomb for colorful background

  • Waterfalls for slow-shutter milky water effect


7:30 Meet at Grand Central by the Clock

take train 1 hour 15min

9:00 Arrive at Station, walk to Trail

9:30 arrive at trail

10:10 arrive at farthest location *10:30- 4:30p Shoot

12p Goto second location

2p Goto third location

3:30p finish shooting, pack up, walk back to station

5:10 train back to GC

6:40 Arrive back in GC Station

*times are approx. return can be earlier or later.


Waterfalls: flowy dress- or skirt that can float in water- great for cinemagraph moving photos. Leotard is great as well.

Good colors: White/red/light blue/purple

Avoid green/ dark blue/ black

Ruins: leotard/dress

Good colors: white, red, black, green

Avoid Brown, grey, yellow

Outfit being made:

1) Brown Corset covered in brown/green moss and Waves of feather butterflies. Need brown or olive green bikini bottom to go with it.

2) White corset covered in white flowers, need bikini bottom to go with it.

Note: will be shooting with this outfit July 15th

Additional available looks shown below:

Flower dress. Note- mostly sheer fabric for model 5’4-5’9

Flower dress. Note- mostly sheer fabric for model 5’4-5’9

Hemline shorter than shown- approx mid thigh

Hemline shorter than shown- approx mid thigh


What to Wear/Bring:

Backpack to carry items. Dont bring a sidebag or roller . It will be too much walking on uneven terrain

Comfortable sneakers for walking, light hiking

Warm socks

Warm sweatpants- easy to pull on/ off under dress

Warm coat- depending on weather

Make up/matte foundation reduce shine * if no MUA


My Equipment:

Camera & Lighting Equipment

Drone for overhead shots

Smokebombs: according to color of outfits


smoke bomb tips:

Basically- use very slow sweeping movements. Hold behind for awhile for background,  then bring forward low for depth.

Photo ideas:

Overhead drone photo. Laying down, standing

Slow shutter photo with water/waterfall for milky effect- laying on rock in middle of water etc.

Smokebomb - limited use so need to be strategic

darkroom- dark walls with limited light for moody effect

Standard headshots and model poses.