Outfit Summary

For ruins best colors:

Red, orange, yellow, white, gold, silver

Not good: brown, green, army green taupe, beige

Best to have 4-5 outfits

2 Leotards

1-2 dresses

for a range of outfits.

Below are some outfit options- however you may have better dresses.

Assorted dresses. Not recommending these per se- it’s just what I have laying around.

Rhinestone sheath- meant to be worn with leo or 2 piece underneath. Idea was to cut or tear sections for a worn look.

Butterfly dress

Sheer sheath. Meant to be worn with nude or black? bottom and topless with some exposure at top.

Depends on your comfort level.

Sheer skirt cover up. I have black and white. To be worn with leo.

Paper flower corset.