Ruins Photoshoot


Saturday March 3

Weather: Cloudy, 45 degrees. No rain

7:30 Meet at Grand Central by the Clock

For good coffee go to Joes Coffee

9:10 Arrive at Trail Station

9:50 Arrive at shoot location

10:20- 3p Photo shoot

Four locations: (1) Sticks (2) Mansion (3) Green house (3b) Green house walkway (4) River


2:30 finish shooting, pack up

4:20 train back to GC

5:45 Arrive back in NYC

What to Wear/Bring:

Comfortable sneakers for walking light hiking

Warm socks

Warm sweatpants- easy to pull on/ off under dress

Warm coat. No rain in forecast

Make up: Matte foundation- reduce shine. Hair pin/bands to bring up- for different look? lipstick etc. Mirror

I will bring:

Lunch & Drink- may need you to carry in backpack. 

Thermos for Coffee

Battery & cable for iphone

Camera & Equipment

Drone for overhead shots