Ruins Photoshoot



7:30 Meet at Grand Central by the Clock

take train 1 1/2 hour

9:10 Arrive at Upstate Station, walk to Trail

9:30 arrive at trail

10:10 arrive at farthest location. Each location after will be closer to return point.

*10:30- 4:30p Shoot

12p Goto second location

2p Goto third location

Four locations possible: Window (photos 1-2) Greenhouse & Walkway (Photos 3-4) Garage (Photos 5-6) & River


4:30p finish shooting, pack up, walk back to station

6:10 train back to GC

7:40 Arrive back in GC Station

*times are approx. return can be earlier or later. Usually at 1 hr increments.

What to Wear/Bring:

Backpack to carry. Dont bring a sidebag. It will be too much walking.

Comfortable sneakers for walking light hiking

Warm socks

Model: Warm sweatpants- easy to pull on/ off under dress

Warm coat

I will bring:

Camera & Lighting Equipment

Drone for overhead shots

Toe and hand warmers

Smokebombs: according to color of outfits

Hand wipes

Cover for smokebomb

Need to distribute Food & Drink: Will need you to carry if possible. My bag will be loaded with equipment.


smoke bomb tips:

Basically- use very slow sweeping movements. Hold behind for awhile for background,  then bring forward low for depth.


Suggest Fall colors: Black, grey, red, orange, yellow, white

Below are some outfits I have available to use:

1) silver chainmail. Similar to photo. Is very transparent and short

2) Rhinestone sheath w/ one piece black bodysuit- thought about cutting up sheath irregularly

3) Red off shoulder dress

4) Yellow Tube dress. Very short, not as long as pictured

If you have suggestions, we can discuss. Best to keep simple since background will be busy.

Photo ideas:

Overhead drone photo. Laying down, standing

Slow shutter photo with water/waterfall for milky effect- laying on rock in middle of water etc.

Smokebomb - limited use so need to be strategic

darkroom- dark walls with limited light for moody effect

Standard headshots and model poses

Make up ideas:

Just some thoughts, open to suggestions.