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I grew up as an artist of pencil and paint, preferring to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty than use computer and mechanical means. It wasn't until well after school that I took up photography. By then I had already made compositions in my work and daily life so it was a fast transition as I simply had to learn the trappings of the camera and computer. Each day has been a breath taking experience as I learn a new way to manipulate the image I see.

My father worked in construction and I grew up on scaffoldings and job sites. That childhood helped develop a love of architecture. Interestingly enough I found many parallels between architecture and dance. Both are about bodies occupying spaces, lines, and our relationship to each other. I found the immediacy and impermanence of dance to be thrilling and I knew I had to try and capture those moments otherwise lost forever. In my own work, I like to juxtapose elements not usually seen together; aging buildings and fantastically tailored clothing on models. The combination creates a unique symmetry and tension as well as whispers an uncommon storyline.